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Quick & Simple Summer Snacks

Summer produce boasts various delicious fruits and veggies that we wait all year to enjoy. Watermelon, juicy cantaloupe and berries bursting with flavor are a few favorite summer treats. The summer months are often filled with loads of outdoor activities which leave your schedule jam-packed. For good reason, these summer months are what memories are made of and what your children look forward to as they dredge through the cold winter months.

But a lot of time outside can leave less time in the kitchen, which is precisely why choosing a few simple, healthy snacks for the kids (and yourself) as you are out and about, and rotate them through the season. Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated, and a quick snack doesn't have to be a bag of potato chips. It can be much, much more delicious...

Here are some favorites:

Fruit Kabobs. Slide any of your favorite fruits on a kabob stick, and you've got a portable snack with no guilt. Some delicious fruit in season during summer include: blackberries, cherries, strawberries, and melons. All of these are excellent choices for fruit kabobs.

Apple Donut. No, not really a donut (sorry) -- but it's quite delicious. Slice apples into rounds that resemble a donut and top with your favorite nut butter. You can even make a sandwich out of it by putting the nut butter between two slices of apple rounds.

Cucumber Rolls. Thinly slice cucumbers into long slices that you can then use to roll toppings inside. Use toppings such as tuna salad, cherry tomatoes, guacamole, whatever your heart desires. These are great little bite-sized snacks for when hunger strikes.

Granola Bites. There are an endless amount of energy ball recipes you can choose from. They typically involve almond butter, raw cacao powder, granola, and dates. It's not quite that simple, but the energy balls are a perfect little snack to carry along, and with the cacao in it, it tastes like an absolute treat. Two or three energy bites later, and you're most certain to be tied over until dinner.

Celery, Nut butter & Grapes. An oldie but a goodie. You can bring along celery sticks with almond butter on the side for dipping, or you can fill the inside of your celery stick with almond butter and chopped grapes. It's always a crowd pleaser.

Preparation is the biggest factor in eating healthy, in my opinion. If you have healthy food around (and the absence of junk food), you'll make healthy decisions. Setting yourself up for success is the big snacks (and meals) you'll have ready for a moments notice, and enjoy your time living and enjoying your life!

To your health!

Charleen Cuellar CHHC

Your Wellness Transformations Coach

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